A Sip Above the Ordinary

Sourced from our vertical vineyard, our grapes bask in cooler mountain air and intense sunshine, resulting in wines with captivating complexity and elegance. From soaring heights to your glass, experience the taste that sets us apart.

Our Elevated Wine Collection

From a vertical vineyard nurtured with excellence, to the cellar, to the glass, the unique flavours are there to be enjoyed. Discover a curated collection of wines that are made with elegance and sophistication, just for you. Make your selection and savour the flavours one sip at a time.

Sauvignon Blanc

This wine has a light golden hue, boasting opulent tropical fruit aromas, such as stone fruits, gooseberries, limes, and a subtle hint of blackberry and cut grass. Its refined character makes it a savouring choice for any occasion.


Eagles’ Nest Shiraz shines with a bright ruby colour, inviting wine lovers in. Perfume and floral aromas combine harmoniously with notes of red cherry and spice on the nose, offering a sensory experience and a sweet flavour profile like no other.