Hand-Picked Grapes From Soaring Heights.

In the late 1600s, Eagles’ Nest operated as a commercial farm. For decades it produced export fruit and supplied vegetables to the local market. In the year 2000, tragedy struck when a devastating fire sprawled along the Cape Peninsula mountains, destroying 95% of the estate and wiping out the natural fynbos vegetation. In the wake of this event, we faced a critical choice: to rebuild or reimagine. After much consideration, we chose to shift the focus of our farm to winemaking.

Along with the planting of vineyards, it was a priority to restore the indigenous flora. We planted 25,000 Silver Tree seeds and thousands of other fynbos varieties, carefully selecting species that would thrive in the Constantia mountains. Today, we are home to one of the largest Silver Tree plantations in South Africa.

  • 1600Established

    In the late 1600s, Eagles' Nest operated as a commercial farm. For decades it exported fruit and supplied vegetables to the local market, up until the 1960s. Over time the farm has had a number of owners.
  • 1984New Ownership

    The Mylrea family took control of the farm in the 1980s
  • 2000Phoenix in the ash

    A devastating mountain fire took place which destroyed all of the natural fynbos vegetation and Protea plants, as well as approximately 95% of the forestation. It was then decided to move the focus of the farm to producing wine.
  • 2022A New Chapter

    In 2022, the Mylrea family handed over Eagles' Nest to Elleke. This transition brings fresh vision and renewed energy, building on the farm's legacy while focusing on sustainable practices and innovative wine production.
  • 2024Present

    Our vineyards thrive amidst the picturesque landscape of the Constantia Valley, where our dedicated team works hard to cultivate grapes and produce wines that reflect the unique characteristics of our terroir.


Our Vertical Vineyard Legacy

Our unique terroir allows for the cultivation of premium-quality wines. With aspects ranging from East to West, our vines benefit from extended sunlight hours, ensuring optimum ripeness and flavor development. Situated just 10km from the False Bay coast, the cool breeze off the Atlantic Ocean allows for longer hang times, imparting depth and complexity to our grapes. Our steep terraces, chiselled out of decomposed granite, clay, and Table Mountain sandstone, provide the perfect foundation for producing the grapes that define our acclaimed wines.

Our Team

"Where hand-harvested grapes reach for the sky, resulting in unique and elegant wines".